Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Beef Wellington Renews SEO Contract

BATAVIA, IL -- Beef Wellington, veteran nightclub performer, raconteur and former Rat Pack hanger-on, has renewed his SEO contract with industry expert George Ajazi through 2015. Wellington's original contract was set to expire on December 2, 2012. 

"We're very excited to have a new deal with Beef," said Ajazi. "Three years ago he tasked us with building his first website, and now that we're within several months or more of launch, it would have been a shame to part ways."

Beef Wellington on Tour
Wellington made the announcement at one of his favorite venues, the Holiday Inn Express in Blackduck, MN, with as many as two local reporters in attendance. "George promised to put me on the map. Today, the map is so close I can taste it."

The announcement was accompanied by a brief Frank Sinatra tribute and a large relish tray. 

Upcoming Stops on Beef Wellington's 2012 Tour

(A lifelong chain smoker, Wellington is now using an oxygen tank, which limits his performances to smoke-free venues.) 

December 8. Beauregard's Chutney Lounge, Maza, ND, 9PM -- 1:00AM.

December 15. Arby's, Bisbee, ND, 10AM -- 11AM.

December 22. Blanchard Mall, Canado, ND, about 50 feet from the Chase ATM, 4PM -- 7PM. (With The Lunkers.)

December 26. Northeast North Dakota Lead Sharing Group, The Waffle House, Lankin, ND, 8AM -- 10AM.

Blackduck residents listen to Wellington's SEO announcement
 at the Holiday Inn Express.

About George Ajazi

George has been working in the field of search engine optimization for almost twelve years. With a wealth of experience optimizing Fortune 500 brand websites, George has broadened his scope to include free seo services for small companies (unfortunately, due to extremely high demand, George is not taking on any new clients at this time).

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