Monday, April 27, 2009

Something Missing?

Yup; never fails, right?

I mean, you go to all the trouble to formulate your message. In fact, you spent quite a lot of time working with your leadership team, wordsmithing, wordcrafting, honing, polishing –

Afterwards, you even thought to try it out on a few folks; to sortof “kick the tires” and get gut reactions. It was some effort, lemme tell ya!

Once you had it down to where it was absolutely the best it could possibly get, you made plans to get the message out there. Hey, what’s the point of having a message if you don’t tell folks, right?

You researched the best locations, formulated the right delivery, and finally, the day came when your message was supposed to be out there for all to see...

Except... someone forgot something, didn’t they? Let’s hope this doesn’t represent YOUR marketing efforts!


Photo: Something Missing, by Robert Hruzek


Brad Shorr said...

Robert, maybe it's a budget cutback thing. The company probably got a real discount on this ad.

Robert Hruzek said...

Cutbacks, eh? Maybe they forgot to file the paperwork for that government bailout thing...