Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Who's Your Favorite U.S. President?

Millard FillmoreImage via WikipediaWith the presidential election looming, it seems like a good time to think about great U.S. Presidents of the past. We all have a favorite - who's yours?

I've always been partial to Millard Fillmore. Here's why.

First, Millard Fillmore was the 13th President. Kudos to him for filling such an unpopular slot. Who wants to be the thirteenth anything, let alone this? Fillmore certainly had better luck than his predecessor, Zachary Taylor, who died of a sudden illness after only 16 months in office.

Second, Millard Fillmore had a cool name. MILLARD FILLMORE. Sounds like a Shakespearean actor or a TV news anchor or some other really important personage.

Third, Millard Fillmore was never elected. Did you know that? Look at the kind of commanders-in-chief we've been electing lately. An unelected President - gotta be better.

Fourth, Millard Fillmore was a member of the Whig Party, the last President who was neither a Republican nor a Democrat. I rest my case.

Sure, some Presidents have been better looking, more eloquent, and more accomplished. But there will never be another Millard Fillmore.

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Robert Hruzek said...

You're right; there's just somethin' about the way it flows trippingly off the tongue.

Personally, I've always like this guy simply because his name sounds like something you'd make up. Like the name "Larry Finkelstein" was one we used all the time in Junior High... until I actually MET one (in, of all things, my Spanish Class), that is!

Brad Shorr said...

Hi Robert, with a name like Larry's, becoming president is going be tough sledding. I wonder if back in the day, Millard was a common name. Maybe he was just another John Smith back then.

Robert Hruzek said...

Plus, I still can't help but hear "Mallard Filmore" when I hear his name...