Monday, July 24, 2006

Ready, Fire, Aim that Blog!

Darren Rowse poses the question, "if you could start your blog again...what would you do differently?"

Two things come to mind.

Number one...categories. I had no idea how important that would be! You have to make it easy for people to find information after posts are archived. Blogger's date archiving just doesn't cut the mustard.

However, being way too eager to start banging out posts, I didn't think that one through. Along with a few other things. And that brings me to number two...clarifying style and content.

1. Who wants to read a business humor blog?
2. What kind of humor do they want?
3. What kind of conversation is Funny Business trying to stimulate?

The bloggers I enjoy most seem to write just for me. Humor is tough, because no two senses of humor are exactly alike. That being the case, a consistent style may be more important for Funny Business than for an informational blog. I've been taking a variety of approaches, but perhaps it's time to zero-in.

Ideas?--Advice is always welcome here!


Billiam said...

I don't know about the humor aspect. I wrote a post about the neo-con conspiracy, the obvious connection of blowing up Indians on 7-11. Not one comment. Of course, I DO have limited readership, but, c'mon! I thought it was humorous. Course, I'm a sicko..

Would I do it the same way? Most likely, no. You're right with regard to catagories.

Jersey Girl said...

I tend to write for me as well and am relooking at: Do I want to clarify or have a more precise content? I wish I knew the answer, but I have a feeling the selfish side of me will come out and I'll write for me!

Damien said...

I'm starting to lose track of how many people regret using blogger..

Kudos for making it despite the difficulties. :)

Peter Chen said...

"Number one...categories. I had no idea how important that would be! "

You can do workaround categories for Blogger. See
Creating categories step-by-step
Categories - Simple method
Categories - Easy Method

Brad Shorr said...

Thanks for the help and support--Peter--those instructions are FANTASTIC!

Sexy Sadie said...

Yes, Peter is great! But when are Blogger going to put the ability to add categories in their own platform?

They are fucking loosing users because of it.